My Management

Management, for me it is hard to completely define. Everyone has their own definition of management and how to go about presenting it. As an aspiring teacher I often worry about having good classroom management. I want to have a classroom that is structured but fun, it needs to be a great learning environment.

I believe good management comes with experience. As becoming a teacher all of our courses talk about good management. If it has to do with time, people, or just of your things. Managing people or a classroom is where it becomes a little difficult. You have to reach out to each person in some way. As an educator you want to cater to everyone’s needs. I have had some experience in management. I have been a camp counselor for 2 years over the summer. I also have participated in practicums from being enrolled in education classes at MSU. Those have all been in the classroom or dealing with school aged children. I am also the current president of my professional business fraternity. All of these positions have taught me many different ways of management.

I still like to hear experiences and read on classroom management. To me, that is the most important aspect an educator needs to master. I hope when I graduate college and become an educator I can master these skills. Eventually I would like to be able to mentor other people in improving their classroom management, because it is the most import aspect to me.


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