Freedom Writers

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I have just recently watched this movie again. Freedom Writers is such an inspiring story. I could watch this movie over and over again. I watched it once when I was younger, and just watched it in my diversity class. I remember liking it when I was younger, but this time it really hit home. The situation that Erin Gruwell gets put in is scary. As a brand new teacher it would be hard to figure out how to handle a class such like that. Its inspiring to see all the work she puts into her class and making it welcoming. Then to see the outcome the students have at the end of the year.


I dont want to give the entire movie away. If you havent seen, and you are going to become a teacher, it you need to watch it. I want to be that teacher that changes students lives. I want to be that teacher that students feel they are safe and come talk about anything. I want to get my students excited about learning. Elementary Education is the foundation of your life. If you are not willing to learn you will not succeed in life. You are always learning, at home, in school, even at your job in the future. I can not wait to be a teacher and hopefully inspire people like Erin Gruwell did.


One thought on “Freedom Writers

  1. I loved this movie! It is inspiring because it takes a situation that many teachers face and puts it in perspective for everyone. I would also like to be the one person in a student’s life that they could go to if there is no stability anywhere else. It is important that we encourage learning and curiosity because those really are the keys to making it in today’s ever changing society. It is also nice to see a teacher on the big screen being the one to change lives for the better. I do not think teachers always get the credit they deserve and this movie really creates the image that teachers are an important part of this world.

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