What is your defintion of hard work?

You grow up watching your parents go to work everyday and also going to school and watching your teachers. When you are little you never really understand how much work your parents and teachers put into their jobs. My parents, they got to go out to lunch and dinner. They got to go out of town and visit cool states. I never understood why it was such tiring and hard work. Then when it comes to teachers, I bet you thought the same thing too, they just live at school. Teachers were there before you got there and were still there when you left. What was so hard about their job anyways? They had a book with all the answers and got to have a big huge thing of soda on their desk.

I found this article that explains what a teacher does throughout the day. It really shows how much effort a teacher has to put in just for one day. He/She is in the same room with their students all day, besides walking them to special classes or recess. Teachers have a lot of responsibility watching after the pride and joy of 28 separate pairs of parents. This is the foundation of children’s lives. Teachers become more and more important as you grow older, and you start to understand what they really do.




4 thoughts on “What is your defintion of hard work?

  1. I loved this! It is so true! Especially as a kid I never thought work was hard, if anything it looked fun and I was jealous, but as you get older you realize how much time and effort you have to put into those trips, dinners, and being in the classroom. Even as I got older I though about being a teacher really wouldn’t be too bad, but honestly it’s probably one of the hardest jobs. Rewarding for sure, but I worked in a preschool classroom for a little bit and though I loved every second of it, I was always so exhausted at the end of the day and I was only there part time! It takes a lot out of you to always be going and taking care of children all day, along with the hundred other things you need to do as well. I think the key is to be passionate about whatever you do and if you have that, anything, though it may still be hard work, will be easy and enjoyable.

  2. Katie, I really like this post! Its so true that people often don’t realize how much effort is put into a profession. Not only do children not realize it, but many times co-workers don’t realize it either. This is a really good post to remind people to appreciate all of the hard work that others put into their jobs!

  3. As everyone else does, I agree 100% with your post. I think that for me growing up, when I was in the younger grades, I didn’t really think the teacher did much. I know for a fact that I was most jealous that they got the textbook with all the answers in it, and I didn’t. But looking back now and studying in the field of education I realize how much work it is to become a teacher let alone make a career and living out of it. I am starting to grasp the idea that being a teacher is hard work and each and every day is a new challenge with new students and new issues. So for me I have learned to ook at that point in a positive way, I want to help students succeed, I want to help them follow their dreams! I know that itt’s hard when you are younger to realize all the work a teacher puts into their classroom, but after studying education I can tell you it’s a lot of work….and I am still not even in an actual classroom.

  4. So true! We sometimes tend to think that someone has it easier or ask ourselves why someone is tired at the end of the day. A teacher’s job is ongoing. They get there early and stay late. Even when they get home teachers can still have websites and grades to catch up on. My mom was a teacher and that was what I thought. How hard could it be to teach and grade papers? After I grew up I realized that she put her heart into teaching and inspiring each one of those students. She worried whether they had warm coats, shoes and food to eat when they went home at night. She was always on the clock for her students whenever they needed her.

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