Authority just weirded me out

I am the president of my business fraternity on campus. I just received this position in December and started in January. This past weekend we had a conference in Chicago, IL to better the fraternity. Out of our 63 member chapter 47 of us went. It was quite the task making sure everyone was where they were suppose to be and on time. We had to be at the train station at 6 on Friday morning and had to be a certain meetings at different times. It was constant worry making sure everyone was up and going and no one got left behind. There were a few instances where I would get a call from a member asking for help. One example was I got a call Sunday morning from a member cause he couldn’t wake another member up to leave on time. In my head I was like what the heck do you want me to do?? So I went to their room ripped the covers off the guy, pulled him up and shoved him in the bathroom. Deed was done. Its just little examples like that, that made me realized how people look to me for help.

As I was going through those little experiences this weekend it made me realize, this is going to be my job. Those students are always going to look at you for answers or help no matter what the situation is. It was really awesome to realize that when doing something I love. I cant wait to continue it throughout my life. To them, a teacher knows all. To me, Im just going to have to fake it until I make it.


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