Snow Days!

The thought of becoming an Elementary teacher has its ups and downs. You dont get paid much, but you do get the summers off. You get sick from your students, but you get to watch them grow. You have to work long days,… except for when there are SNOW DAYS! Every student loves snow days. And so I have learned, so do most teachers. On snow days you dont have to worry about finding a place for your kids to go while you still have to go to work. You get a day off in the middle of the week just to stay at home and not hear 1 million tiny little voices. I realize that you will still have to plan around snow days and maybe take some of the fun things out of the lesson plan. But WHO cares!

I know we all still get excited about snow days in college, even though they are rare. But I am extremely excited that I get to do my snow dance for the rest of my life! I cant wait to be an elementary teacher and get excited just like my kids.


4 thoughts on “Snow Days!

  1. Girlfiend I hear ya! Summers and snow days just have to be one of the biggest perks to being a teacher. I will forever flush my ice cube, find an orange to put in the freezer and force my family to turn their jammies inside out. But where I do love a nice day to sleep in, be lazy and make the pizza man absolutely hate me by ordering a pizza that takes an hour to deliver (hehe, so so guilty), the subsequence days following the fresh white fluff always SUCK! The roads, yuck. The drive way, yuck. But hey, I’ll take it, life’s about compromise y’all! Mizzou and KC are probably getting tired of their show days so please be so generous as to send a bit down to good ole Springfield!

  2. Like you I am also really excited about Snow Days as a teacher. I can remember the many times were I have worn my pajamas backwards or put an orange in the freezer just so I could possibly get a snow day. The sad thing though is to this day i still do the dance, such as the one Katie is talking about, when I hear that I have a snow day. I am excited to have my summers off, but work hard the rest of the school year.
    I hope my students love coming to school each and everyday, and I also hope that as children they can experience some of the same crazy snow day dances that I have done in my past years!

  3. I’m kind of jealous of you at the moment. While you are having fun in the snow, my area of study is dealing with the stranded and annoyed travelers. Some of us have to still go to work through the snow and put a smile on our faces while others are getting mad that they can’t go to where ever they were headed. While I absolutely love snow days I understand that even though I can stay home drink hot chocolate and be nice and toasty, there are those that have to brave the storm/ MO weather in general, to get to work to try and make someone’s day just a little bit better despite the circumstances. I’m not trying to put you in a slump, but it’s just an observation. So while you can snow dance your heart out, I think I’m gonna pray for decent weather.

  4. I love snow days! I too am excited about having them once I become a teacher. I remember my mom always being off because she taught third grade so we got to have a girls day. I cannot wait to have that experience someday as well. Thinking about a day to myself to play catch up or just chill sounds lovely!

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