I get nervous

Sometimes I get nervous I am going to be that teacher no one likes. Ive always wondered if “those” teachers know they arent liked. I consider myself pretty laid back but also I can get pretty OCD about it. I work with kids at Firehouse Pottery and some days I can be really patient and others I just want to strangle somebody. I think everyone has that feeling about their jobs sometimes, but I just want to make an impact.

I remember my second grade teacher. She was the coolest teacher ever. I cant remember what made her so cool but I loved her. I dont care if I dont reach every child but I want to at least make some kind of impression on them like my teachers did. So thats why I get nervous about teaching, I want to make an impact.


2 thoughts on “I get nervous

  1. This is funny because my favorite teacher was also my second grade teacher. She made learning enjoyable and always kept a positive attitude. I also am worried that I may lose it some days. I use to work at a dance studio and some days it was all I could do not to just scream at how loud they could get. I loved it though. I believe I will also love teaching because I know that I could be the one person in a child’s life that encourages them and believes in their dreams.

  2. I get a nervous feeling too when I think about my future jobs. I wonder if my students will like me, or if I’m ready to take on certain obstacles. I fear that my co-workers won’t like me or that I’m not living up to everyone’s expectations. I think all in all, we should not be worried because there will always be one student who’s life we impact. One is better than none, right? I think that some teachers do know that they aren’t liked, but frankly they just don’t care. Because you are so outgoing, I don’t think you will have that issue. Don’t stress too much… If you’re doing what you love, it will show, and that’s what makes your students love you.

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