Music helping students

In grade school and high school we use to always get yelled at if we had headphones in or gum in our mouth. Kids would do it just to see if they could get away with it. But some other students it really did help them focus. There have been many studies about chewing gum during tests. It keeps students focused, even just the minty smell has an effect. As I went into high school they were becoming more lenient with the gum chewing. Now my sister is a senior and she is allowed to have her ipod and headphones out during work time. Its amazing how quiet a classroom can be when they all have their headphones in. It makes a better environment for all learners. I just think its crazy how technology is changing the world today.


One thought on “Music helping students

  1. We all now that technology is obviously become more of an essential to everyday life rather than just a luxury. I think that this is great in certain aspects but at the same time it hinders our generation. Having gum in the classroom I agree…should not be a factor in whether or not you get detention. On the other hand the idea of having headphones and an iPod in class seems a bit much in my opinion. I am appreciative of your opinion being different from mine because it allows be to gather my reasons in a more clear way for my point of the hindering it can do to students. What happens if every student but 2 are fortunate enough to have an iPod…then it becomes more of a battle between who is more privileged rather than who can’t afford an iPod. Like I said I agree with you that it can be calming and help students focus, but the thought about underprivileged students popped into my head right away.

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