Sex Education

Wow is this a topic I’d never thought I would be writing a paper on. Sex Education is huge. There are so many perspectives, so many articles, so many rules. I had no idea. I remember in 5th grade the separated the boys and the girls and talked about “private things.” I dont know about you but when I was in high school there is no way I could remember what they said to me in 5th grade. Yea I think it was a great way to get our foot in the door about the topic, but I think it should have been talked about again. My parents were the kind of parents that never sat me down and had “the talk.” Which is fine because Im not some crazy person. But I think that society is changing and children have more access to computers and the internet. I think it should be talked about in school with their peers where they can ask questions.

This paper is going to be really difficult for me to start writing. I have no idea where I want to go with it or what little detail I want to start talking about.


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