Addiction to instant gratification

No matter how busy you are, how packed your schedule is, or how long your to do list is, I believe there is always a need to stop and breathe. Our society today has so many instant responses to what we want, we need everything at the snap of our fingers. I have recently noticed my addiction to instant gratification.

I noticed when I would get stressed out after going hard at the gym for a week and not seeing results. Sounds silly, I know, but its how my brain works. I love doing things that gives me instant gratification and I know thats how most of society is too.

I have been looking for a place to be able to do yoga in the morning. This way I wake up and start my day with just relaxing and taking time for myself. It will teach me to stop and breathe.


2 thoughts on “Addiction to instant gratification

  1. Katie….I completely agree with your whole gym example. At the beginning of February I committed myself to going to the gym everyday…and I have stayed true to that commitment, but not by a positive motive. I am always looking for excuses as to why I can’t go to the gym one day or another…and I know it’s for the simple fact that I have not seen any changes come my way. I think that instant gratification is in our human nature and I don’t think that it is necessarily a bad thing, just something that should be under control.
    Instant gratification can make us become better people and with it we can also learn a lot from others. Being aware of what you need to do/accomplish is great…and through instant gratification we can see that if we set our mind to a specific task and work EXTREMELY hard at it…it will be guaranteed to make us feel happier!

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