Being confident is one of the most attractive characteristics in a person. Being confident in who you are and what you look like comes from deep down. I believe confidence comes from your childhood. If your parents give you confidence, push you to do things, and constantly remind you how great you are, then you will be confident. I can thank my parents for my confidence. They always pushed me to be happy with who I was and let me do what I wanted to do.

Lately that confidence has been sliding. Just a bit. I want to gain it back like I had it when I was little. My parents always tell the story that I was so mad at them for making me late to my soccer game. All I would say was “they need me there!” I was not good at soccer at all. But let me tell you, I was confident that they needed me there.

I want to be that teacher that can help students feel confident in their abilities. Some parents are the best at giving their children confidence. I want to have activities that everyone can succeed at, and I want to teach my class how to make each other feel important. That is one of my main goals as becoming a teacher.


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