Better day tomorrow

Man this week has been a rough week. On Sunday, I lost my wallet and keys. So I was just going to deal with that and bum rides from people. On Tuesday, I got a ride to work with my manager. She had to get there a few hours earlier than my shift started, so I was going to do some homework. We went inside for 30 min to eat some food and I was going to run back to the car (that was parked right outside the window) and grab my backpack. A lady came into the store and told us that my managers passenger window was busted out. We went out there to find not only her window busted, but my coat and backpack with laptop was stolen.

It was a rough day, its going to be a rough few weeks. But knowing how to make jokes about myself and how to make a bad situation into a not so bad one is key. I think as being a teacher I am going to have to master this skill. To turn a child’s day around will teach them many lessons. I would want to be able to pass that trait down to them. I want to teach them  how to look at the bright side in any situation.


I think that is an important skill in life and I want everyone to have the chance to learn it.


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