stupid testing

This week I found out my CBASE scores again, now that I have taken it 3 times. And I didnt pass the two sections I needed to pass. Its annoying because I have the grades and I want to be a teacher so bad, but standardize testing is holding me back.

I called my mom all upset when I found out, and she even said it was because of the test. I have always had issues testing, my kindergarten teacher had to talk with my parents about my test taking way back in kindergarten. Test anxiety is an issue I cant solve. Ive tried medicines and things to help me relax but nothing works.


This motivates me to become a teacher and help kids like me who have issues with tests. When I am a teacher, my tests will not be the sole part of the semester grade. Testing does not truly show ones knowledge. I will have many different opportunities to earn grades in my classroom, because I understand testing is not the best way for everyone.


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