End of the Semester

As we all know, its almost summer! This is the best part of the year! As a teacher to be, this part of the year makes me nervous. How the heck am I suppose to control those wild and crazy kids?! I had a field trip come into work today and  the kids were so well behaved. They were still able to keep there attention longer than 5 seconds. I wanted to stop those teachers and just be like how in the world did you do that?

I believe this links to classroom management. That is the biggest thing I have been observing and wanting to learn as becoming a teacher. During all my practicums I try my best to focus on how the teachers control the classroom, and how the children react to it. I want to know the best way to treat the children, because I am just use to being in a classroom with all adults.


stupid testing

This week I found out my CBASE scores again, now that I have taken it 3 times. And I didnt pass the two sections I needed to pass. Its annoying because I have the grades and I want to be a teacher so bad, but standardize testing is holding me back.

I called my mom all upset when I found out, and she even said it was because of the test. I have always had issues testing, my kindergarten teacher had to talk with my parents about my test taking way back in kindergarten. Test anxiety is an issue I cant solve. Ive tried medicines and things to help me relax but nothing works.


This motivates me to become a teacher and help kids like me who have issues with tests. When I am a teacher, my tests will not be the sole part of the semester grade. Testing does not truly show ones knowledge. I will have many different opportunities to earn grades in my classroom, because I understand testing is not the best way for everyone.

Better day tomorrow

Man this week has been a rough week. On Sunday, I lost my wallet and keys. So I was just going to deal with that and bum rides from people. On Tuesday, I got a ride to work with my manager. She had to get there a few hours earlier than my shift started, so I was going to do some homework. We went inside for 30 min to eat some food and I was going to run back to the car (that was parked right outside the window) and grab my backpack. A lady came into the store and told us that my managers passenger window was busted out. We went out there to find not only her window busted, but my coat and backpack with laptop was stolen.

It was a rough day, its going to be a rough few weeks. But knowing how to make jokes about myself and how to make a bad situation into a not so bad one is key. I think as being a teacher I am going to have to master this skill. To turn a child’s day around will teach them many lessons. I would want to be able to pass that trait down to them. I want to teach them  how to look at the bright side in any situation.


I think that is an important skill in life and I want everyone to have the chance to learn it.


Being confident is one of the most attractive characteristics in a person. Being confident in who you are and what you look like comes from deep down. I believe confidence comes from your childhood. If your parents give you confidence, push you to do things, and constantly remind you how great you are, then you will be confident. I can thank my parents for my confidence. They always pushed me to be happy with who I was and let me do what I wanted to do.

Lately that confidence has been sliding. Just a bit. I want to gain it back like I had it when I was little. My parents always tell the story that I was so mad at them for making me late to my soccer game. All I would say was “they need me there!” I was not good at soccer at all. But let me tell you, I was confident that they needed me there.

I want to be that teacher that can help students feel confident in their abilities. Some parents are the best at giving their children confidence. I want to have activities that everyone can succeed at, and I want to teach my class how to make each other feel important. That is one of my main goals as becoming a teacher.

Addiction to instant gratification

No matter how busy you are, how packed your schedule is, or how long your to do list is, I believe there is always a need to stop and breathe. Our society today has so many instant responses to what we want, we need everything at the snap of our fingers. I have recently noticed my addiction to instant gratification.

I noticed when I would get stressed out after going hard at the gym for a week and not seeing results. Sounds silly, I know, but its how my brain works. I love doing things that gives me instant gratification and I know thats how most of society is too.

I have been looking for a place to be able to do yoga in the morning. This way I wake up and start my day with just relaxing and taking time for myself. It will teach me to stop and breathe.

Sex Education

Wow is this a topic I’d never thought I would be writing a paper on. Sex Education is huge. There are so many perspectives, so many articles, so many rules. I had no idea. I remember in 5th grade the separated the boys and the girls and talked about “private things.” I dont know about you but when I was in high school there is no way I could remember what they said to me in 5th grade. Yea I think it was a great way to get our foot in the door about the topic, but I think it should have been talked about again. My parents were the kind of parents that never sat me down and had “the talk.” Which is fine because Im not some crazy person. But I think that society is changing and children have more access to computers and the internet. I think it should be talked about in school with their peers where they can ask questions.

This paper is going to be really difficult for me to start writing. I have no idea where I want to go with it or what little detail I want to start talking about.

Music helping students

In grade school and high school we use to always get yelled at if we had headphones in or gum in our mouth. Kids would do it just to see if they could get away with it. But some other students it really did help them focus. There have been many studies about chewing gum during tests. It keeps students focused, even just the minty smell has an effect. As I went into high school they were becoming more lenient with the gum chewing. Now my sister is a senior and she is allowed to have her ipod and headphones out during work time. Its amazing how quiet a classroom can be when they all have their headphones in. It makes a better environment for all learners. I just think its crazy how technology is changing the world today.

I get nervous

Sometimes I get nervous I am going to be that teacher no one likes. Ive always wondered if “those” teachers know they arent liked. I consider myself pretty laid back but also I can get pretty OCD about it. I work with kids at Firehouse Pottery and some days I can be really patient and others I just want to strangle somebody. I think everyone has that feeling about their jobs sometimes, but I just want to make an impact.

I remember my second grade teacher. She was the coolest teacher ever. I cant remember what made her so cool but I loved her. I dont care if I dont reach every child but I want to at least make some kind of impression on them like my teachers did. So thats why I get nervous about teaching, I want to make an impact.

Snow Days!

The thought of becoming an Elementary teacher has its ups and downs. You dont get paid much, but you do get the summers off. You get sick from your students, but you get to watch them grow. You have to work long days,… except for when there are SNOW DAYS! Every student loves snow days. And so I have learned, so do most teachers. On snow days you dont have to worry about finding a place for your kids to go while you still have to go to work. You get a day off in the middle of the week just to stay at home and not hear 1 million tiny little voices. I realize that you will still have to plan around snow days and maybe take some of the fun things out of the lesson plan. But WHO cares!

I know we all still get excited about snow days in college, even though they are rare. But I am extremely excited that I get to do my snow dance for the rest of my life! I cant wait to be an elementary teacher and get excited just like my kids.

Authority just weirded me out

I am the president of my business fraternity on campus. I just received this position in December and started in January. This past weekend we had a conference in Chicago, IL to better the fraternity. Out of our 63 member chapter 47 of us went. It was quite the task making sure everyone was where they were suppose to be and on time. We had to be at the train station at 6 on Friday morning and had to be a certain meetings at different times. It was constant worry making sure everyone was up and going and no one got left behind. There were a few instances where I would get a call from a member asking for help. One example was I got a call Sunday morning from a member cause he couldn’t wake another member up to leave on time. In my head I was like what the heck do you want me to do?? So I went to their room ripped the covers off the guy, pulled him up and shoved him in the bathroom. Deed was done. Its just little examples like that, that made me realized how people look to me for help.

As I was going through those little experiences this weekend it made me realize, this is going to be my job. Those students are always going to look at you for answers or help no matter what the situation is. It was really awesome to realize that when doing something I love. I cant wait to continue it throughout my life. To them, a teacher knows all. To me, Im just going to have to fake it until I make it.