What is your defintion of hard work?

You grow up watching your parents go to work everyday and also going to school and watching your teachers. When you are little you never really understand how much work your parents and teachers put into their jobs. My parents, they got to go out to lunch and dinner. They got to go out of town and visit cool states. I never understood why it was such tiring and hard work. Then when it comes to teachers, I bet you thought the same thing too, they just live at school. Teachers were there before you got there and were still there when you left. What was so hard about their job anyways? They had a book with all the answers and got to have a big huge thing of soda on their desk.

I found this article that explains what a teacher does throughout the day. It really shows how much effort a teacher has to put in just for one day. He/She is in the same room with their students all day, besides walking them to special classes or recess. Teachers have a lot of responsibility watching after the pride and joy of 28 separate pairs of parents. This is the foundation of children’s lives. Teachers become more and more important as you grow older, and you start to understand what they really do.




Freedom Writers

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I have just recently watched this movie again. Freedom Writers is such an inspiring story. I could watch this movie over and over again. I watched it once when I was younger, and just watched it in my diversity class. I remember liking it when I was younger, but this time it really hit home. The situation that Erin Gruwell gets put in is scary. As a brand new teacher it would be hard to figure out how to handle a class such like that. Its inspiring to see all the work she puts into her class and making it welcoming. Then to see the outcome the students have at the end of the year.


I dont want to give the entire movie away. If you havent seen, and you are going to become a teacher, it you need to watch it. I want to be that teacher that changes students lives. I want to be that teacher that students feel they are safe and come talk about anything. I want to get my students excited about learning. Elementary Education is the foundation of your life. If you are not willing to learn you will not succeed in life. You are always learning, at home, in school, even at your job in the future. I can not wait to be a teacher and hopefully inspire people like Erin Gruwell did.

My Management

Management, for me it is hard to completely define. Everyone has their own definition of management and how to go about presenting it. As an aspiring teacher I often worry about having good classroom management. I want to have a classroom that is structured but fun, it needs to be a great learning environment.

I believe good management comes with experience. As becoming a teacher all of our courses talk about good management. If it has to do with time, people, or just of your things. Managing people or a classroom is where it becomes a little difficult. You have to reach out to each person in some way. As an educator you want to cater to everyone’s needs. I have had some experience in management. I have been a camp counselor for 2 years over the summer. I also have participated in practicums from being enrolled in education classes at MSU. Those have all been in the classroom or dealing with school aged children. I am also the current president of my professional business fraternity. All of these positions have taught me many different ways of management.

I still like to hear experiences and read on classroom management. To me, that is the most important aspect an educator needs to master. I hope when I graduate college and become an educator I can master these skills. Eventually I would like to be able to mentor other people in improving their classroom management, because it is the most import aspect to me.

Why does what I do matter?

Teaching, yea teaching doesn’t matter at all. It’s a person standing in front of the room talking about whatever they want. Grading people, giving them more work than they need for the rest of their week.

Wrong. Teaching is influencing the future. Think back to your younger years. You remember good teachers and you remember those really bad teachers. You might have hated them at the time but you are thankful for them now. Those good teachers taught you things that you have used later on in life, if it coincides with schooling or just going through life day by day. Those really bad teachers that you remember, I now take what they did in a class room and make sure I do not do the same things.

Teachers can also form a person’s life. It might be the only person a child has to depend on, or someone a child can look up to. The classroom is a place where they can make the child feel safe. Teachers are there to help and persuade children to do better, to live their lives to the fullest.

Teaching is not only used in an elementary ed. classroom. Teaching is universal. You can go across the world and teach 3rd world countries about hygiene. You can go into a business and train employees or executive members. You can do anything when being a teacher. Learning how to lead a classroom full of people who listen and respect you is a wonderful skill to have. Knowing how to grasp individuals attention and keep them engaged in the point you are trying to get across, that skill can be used in any “job” you could ever think of.

So yea, what I want to do with my life matters. It is touching as many lives as I can. I am excited to continue on my journey on becoming a teacher.